Spearfishing and Underwater Hockey - South East Queensland

About us

Our club is a full and active member of the AUFQ and AUF with roughly 50 paid up members from across South East Queensland.

We participate in Spearfishing and Underwater Hockey.

We hold monthly meetings at the Palm Beach Olympic Swimming Pool on Throwers Drive, Palm Beach. Meetings are held on the first Thursday at 7:00pm every month.

Spearfishing activities are run every weekend, providing the weather is kind.

Our Underwater Hockey team is the most active in Queensland and we play every Tuesday and Wednesday nights at a cost of $5.00 per night.


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Contact us

Club Contacts:- 

President - Ian Brown - 0421664211

Garry Rayner - 0409 771 581

Postal address:- 

Tweed Gold Coast Freediver Club

PO Box 839

Palm Beach Qld 4221



[email protected]


Club Committee Members 2013 


Ian Brown

Vice President

Danny Holder


Jason Jaffers


Mark Grandfils

Sports Secretary

Bryson Sheeny & David Jeffrey

Social Events Officer

Casey Harrison

Records Officer

Daniel Mann

Weigh Master

Bryson Sheeny

(Josh Took to assist)

Spearfishing Committee

Gary Rayner

Gareth Lowe

John Kearney

Hockey Committee

Karl Paton

Florian Stotz

Jason Jaffers

Danny Holder



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Spear Safe

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Spear Safe has the potential to save lives and greatly reduce the number of injuries and fatalities occurring all over Australia associated with spearfishing. read more>

Underwater Hockey

AUF - Spearfishing

The Australian Underwater Federation (AUF) is a representative body that operates from the national to the local level and covers the sports of spearfishing, scuba diving and underwater hockey. The AUF as an organization provides rules for spearfishing competitions, record keeping, codes of conduct and importantly, representation to government and other community groups. read more>

AUF - Queensland

The A.U.F.Q. is the Queensland State branch of the Australian Underwater Federation (AUF). read more>